The third day at the Games

dan3_tomi-23 (1)

After the first day of intense competitions in the problem-solving, sports and eSports arenas, as well as fun extra activities and crazy night parties, a new day full of anticipation and excitement had dawned in beautiful Umag.

Early on in the agenda we had the presentation of tasks for the third day in the problem-solving arenas, followed by the competition itself. Just like yesterday, our competitors were faced with challenging tasks that required teamwork and creativity that were prepared for them by our mentors.


Parallel to the problem-solving competition, morning saw the beginning of the sports matches for that day. The first matches of the day were in handball, volleyball and table tennis, and other sports followed not long after, and our competitors and their cheer teams made sure the atmosphere staid on point.



The eSports arena was also very busy from early on in the morning all the way to late in the evening. LOL and Rocket League were played first, followed by FIFA and CS:GO after lunch. But the eSports team also prepared an interesting activity for us as well, a Tekken tournament which ended up being a big hit.



The STEM quiz seemed to be yet another hit, as it attracted a large audience and tested their general knowledge, which was followed by the beginning of the preparations for that night’s parties which, expectedly, lasted all the way until dawn.