What and who to expect in the Arenas?


As the Games are getting closer, the air of mystery that surrounds them is getting cleared away. We have already unveiled the main theme of this year's Games and now it's time we presented the challenges and backers that await you in each of the Arenas.

Science Arena

The Science Arena will present you with a load of challenges, but the mentors from Oikon Institute for Applied Ecology will help you overcome them. As "development comes natural" with Oikon, it is clear that solving problems and overcoming obstacles will feel natural as well. In doing so, you will need to rely on the synergy of knowledge and experience in technology. In the spirit of this synergy we present the theme of this Arena:

Hijacking the brain

Have you ever wondered if it were possible to hijack someone’s brain? What would it take? The Science Arena will be exploring small molecules that have the power to become evil rulers of our brains. These molecules can manipulate us, take control of our lives and eventually take some of them. We will uncover their molecular pathways so that we can prevent them from hijacking more brains than they’ve hijacked already.

Technology Arena

You will have a chance to uncover the mysteries of the Technology arena with Infobip. They will take you on a short journey through the programming world that will give you a glimpse of Infobip's everyday affairs and help bring your skills to perfection. Take a peek at the theme of the Arena in which you'll apply your skills and put your knowledge to test:

Solving communication

In the past several decades, we have seen information technology skyrocket through every boundary we could imagine. This is especially apparent in the case of vast amounts of generated data, which requires development of highly optimized algorithms and design of efficient machine learning models. Our communication channels need to grow and be sustainable as they are the foundation for building new and exciting systems. This battle takes tremendous amounts of knowledge, since the need for communication will grow every single day. We are going to need help if we are to continue broadening our horizons and continue our quest towards knowledge.

Engineering Arena

AVL - AST is excited to see young engineers like you showcasing their knowledge and intellect. As they value and acknowledge technical skills as well as analytical thinking, resourcefulness and team work, they have decided to support you this year in tackling a fun, but challenging engineering problem that will relate to the following theme:

Underwater habitats maintenance

Scientists often use underwater habitats located at sea beds for animal and marine research. Underwater habitats provide all facilities required for human survival, for weeks or even months. Aquanauts, as they are called occasionally require supplies and external help with the maintenance. We want to explore the concept of underwater habitats, what would be required to run them and keep them functional.

Mathematics Arena

In the Mathematics Arena, you will be developing optimal solutions under the careful eye of Fraunhofer ITWM. Since they mostly employ scientists and engineers, they have decided to provide support for talents in the field by backing this Arena. In Poreč, you can expect a lot of creative mathematics on the topic of:

Let there be light

There is a perfect solution for everything. There must be. The optimum surely exists, but it is a challenge to find it. This year, no small feat stands in front us - using our mathematical knowledge, skills and tools to rebuild Earth’s lungs, and minimize our footprint. Assessing both the discrete and the continuous, playing with endless possibilities, we will have only five days to define the overall cost of our existence and make it as small as possible.

Now that you know what to expect at the Games and what challenges you'll face there, you can go back to soaking up knowledge and getting ready for the best week of the year. #readySTEMgo