Third Day at the Games


You’ve probably already guessed it, but a new sunny day has come to Rovinj, full of thrill and anticipation. The STEM Games Arenas had their first day, and at the end of Wednesday, we had an amazing party and an interesting additional program.

When the first sunbeams hit the Resort’s ground, the first buses set off to the Eden Hotel where the competitors had to face real-life tasks that our mentors prepared. As always, knowledge, skills, creativity, and teamwork were welcomed.


Some buses went first in the direction of the Problem-solving Arena, but the rest of them took off to have sports competitions. The morning started with volleyball, basketball, futsal, and table tennis. Baby chess was scheduled during the day. After lunch, handball and beach volleyball competitions were held, just like rowing. The competitors had their rowing practice in the afternoon.


Esport went full speed in the early morning. FIFA and LOL were first. Rocket League and CS:GO competitions were after lunch. The atmosphere at the eSport Arena is heating up with every second. The Chill Zone is here for all of you who need to take a quick break.

esport (1)

Thursday evening had a rich additional program that the Networking Event opened. You had to be very quick to grab your spot because a lot of people were interested. There were some bull’s eyes at the Darts competition after which Rope Pulling was next.


After dinner, an intense STEM Quiz with many interesting questions was up next, that loosened up the competitors and was a perfect intro to the evening party. The parties were under the tent, in front of the apartments, and on the beach. We are waiting tomorrow for the concert on the main stage so prepare your vocal cords for it!