This year’s eSports arena sponsors


The time has come to introduce you to our eSports sponsors! In the past couple of years, the eSports arena has established itself as one of the key components of the Games, and our sponsors – M SAN Grupa and A1 Hrvatska – have made sure that this year’s eSports arena is fully equipped.

M SAN Grupa continuously expands the range of services and goods, and acts as an authorized distributor of the world's leading IT companies offering the largest assortment of products in the region.

Sponsorship of M SAN Grupa includes five partnerships, i.e. five sponsors at the Games, namely: MSGW, MS, Microsoft, Philips and UVI. Computers have been produced in the M SAN Grupa since the mid-nineties, but in 2005, with the signing of the DOEM contract with Microsoft and the construction of a semi-automated production line, the M SAN Grupa has strategically oriented towards building its own brand - MSGW. All computers wearing the MSGW logo are manufactured in the semi-automated production plant for the production of IT equipment of the M SAN Grupa and have passed numerous safety tests. MSGW computers meet all the necessary requirements set by Microsoft for full compatibility of built-in components with the Windows operating system.

MS is another brand of M SAN Grupa, which combines the production and sale of peripheral devices, cases, power supplies, accessories and cables. It successfully operates on the Croatian and regional market with a 20-year tradition. At the end of 2020, MS was presented to the market with a completely new recognizable visual identity of a modern, attractive and technologically aware design.

Modern monitor performance for our gamers in eSport Arena Games was also provided by M SAN Grupa with Philips.

UVI always provides its users with only the best. This year at the Games is no different. They are providing our competitors with ergonomically designed chairs for tournaments and video games. Cricked neck and back aches won’t be bothering our gamers because UVI is most famous for its comfortability and quality.

A1 Hrvatska is part of the A1 Telekom Austria Group, a leading provider of digital services and communication solutions in central and eastern Europe, with over 27 million users in 7 countries. A1 Hrvatska is a key player in the development of 5G technology, and by providing gigabit networking speeds, it allows for the development of the entire Croatian digital sector.

Their main mission centers around connecting users, as they believe that technology is the key that opens up a whole new world of possibilities – from being able to translate from and into every single foreign language, to being given access to the entirety of human history and knowledge, all the way to making calls from the other side of the world. Being connected has never been more important or more possible, because as stated by A1 Hrvatska, technology is that invisible family member, always available at your fingertips, always ready to help you connect with your loved ones.

Thanks to M SAN Grupa and A1 Hrvatska’s endorsement, we are certain that this year’s eSports competitions will go off without a hitch.

See you in Umag!