What makes a winning team?


We all know that individuals can hardly ever take credit for big breakthroughs. Instead, these are usually the product of hard work of many. These days, while the athletes are warming up and the cheerleaders are getting psyched, the problem-solvers have a serious task on their hands - forming their team. If you're still contemplating on what kind of team you need, we present a couple of reasons to join forces with peers from other institutions and form a multidisciplinary team.

Covering the required competencies

The range of competencies that is required for each of the arenas is by no means easy to meet. By far the easiest way to do so is by having a multidisciplinary team. This way, you're broadening your team's skill set and consequently increasing your chances of success in solving the assignment which will cover multiple fields of expertise and require various skills.

It takes all sorts to make a world

While we're aware that it's just an expression and that you won't be making a world, but a STEM Games team, it holds true here as well. It is certainly useful to have different points of view. Each of your peers has their own experience and background, so they are likely to approach the problem in their own way. You will benefit from the variety of ideas and opinions by combining them to form exceptional solutions.

Creative thought

What makes a winning solution? The answer lies in its originality and creativity. By taking part in a multidisciplinary team, you won't lack creativity. You will be combining diverse thoughts and suggestions, while each of you brings forward contributions from their field of expertise.

Personal development

Teamwork is not easy, especially if your team does not consist of peers from your school which you know inside out but is made up of less familiar faces instead. Nevertheless, there are some advantages to that. You will have to get to know those faces in not a lot of time, by collaborating and hanging out in your free time. This will develop your adaptability along with critical thought and analytic skills.

A step closer to the corporate world

Multidisciplinarity is a long standing trend in the STEM world and a trait that employers encourage and seek after. It is also valued by our mentors and panelists that you'll meet in the Arenas. Many companies today make use of that "secret" trick to make their teams more efficient, boost productivity and make progress.

New experiences

They say nothing magical can happen inside one's comfort zone. By working as a part of multidisciplinary team, you gain new experiences and extend your limits. It also gives you an opportunity to do some networking, make new friends and get to know yourself better.

Now that you know the "secret ingredient" of a winning team, hurry up and open Slack. Try to find peers with which you'll not only party on the beaches and avoid urchins in the sea, but win the first place of your Arena as well.