Why is it so great to be at the Games?


Every question has its answer or even more of them. Therefore, we are bringing you the most important answers to the question of why it is so great to be at the Games and why and how you should apply. 

The Games are the biggest STEM student competition that gathers students at one place by problem-solving, sports, and esports competition. The main emphasis is pointed at solving various contemporary engineering tasks and problems. There is no better way to do it than by working together in interdisciplinary teams. The Games encourage students to solve problems, research modern technologies, develop creativity, cooperation skills, and sports spirit!

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We support collectivism and the ability to work in teams with students from different universities. Participants are being connected, friendships and acquaintanceships are made, and maybe there is even love of your life waiting for you at the Games. You can expect a fun and cheerleader atmosphere there every day. Everybody will surely find something for themselves at the additional program - beer pong, general knowledge quiz, treasure hunts, parties, concerts, and karaoke are everything you need for a good time.

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Problem-solving competition brings out modern problems and for each obscurity, there are mentors from the academy and industries you can learn from. At the Games, there isn’t just one correct answer because the diversity and originality of the solutions are things we  value the most. Do you want to be on TV? On paper? At portals? The Games is a unique compound of problem-solving, sports, e-sports, and entertainment in one place. The Games’ tradition is well-known amongst students.

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Doesn’t Rovinj sound like a tempting location? We are gathering a great number of different faculties in a competition that is being “made for students from students”. Therefore, we are well aware of what innovation and modern competition mean. Read more about what our ambassadors have to say about us and how they have been supporting this incredible 5-year-long story.

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Apply and come to the Rovinj to compete at the Games! Until then, keep following our social network sites and yell: Ready,  STEM, go!