Who are STEM Games 2021 mentors?

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In order to face challenges in the industry, our Problem-Solving Team has united strengths with hardworking experts from OIKON, Infinium, Infobip, Vertiv, and PBZ. It’s time to introduce our mentors and see what they do, so you can prepare for the tasks awaiting you!



mreža MENTORSKI sponzorI


Science arena

Oikon - Institute for Applied Ecology has been our Science arena mentor for several years. Its main field is care for the environment and nature in Croatia and the rest of the region. Its other fields of activity include industrial ecology, renewable energy sources and natural resources management, ecological modeling, GIS and much more, concerning the synergy between people and nature. We’re sure that the solutions to the problems in the Science arena will come naturally, but if you do have doubts - Oikon will be there for you.




Technology arena

Infinum and Infobip will take care of the tasks in the Technology arena.

Infinum is a leading Croatian software company whose main field of activity is design and development of mobile and web applications. It was founded by Tomislav Car and Matej Špler in 2005, while they were still students at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb (FER). The company operates in Croatia, Slovenia, and the USA, launching software solutions in the global market for several million users. With 300 employees from around ten countries, the company has been awarded best Croatian employer for the fourth time this year.




Infobip is a global IT and telecommunication company which offers cloud-based mobile communication services and creates solutions that help their clients in providing better user experience via different applications for messaging, calls, and push-notifications. Since its establishment, the company’s main task is helping their clients in overcoming the complexity of communication with customers. This is done in a fast and safe way, which makes Infobip a reliable mentor partner of STEM Games one more year in a row.

The last two years have been quite problematic  due to the pandemics and challenges such as ending the spread of the disease. Therefore, it’s about time we asked: “How would you stop the spreading of the infection in cities?” Yes, the tasks will remain secret, but isn’t it a bit more fun if we just gave you a hint to spark your imagination? See you in the Technology arena!




Engineering arena


They are industrial experts and continuity architects that help their clients in planning and building infrastructures of the future. They use their own portfolio of hardware, software, analytics, and service to make sure that their clients’ products work unimpededly, optimally, and in synergy - sounds like a perfect STEM Games team. The Engineering arena is powered by Vertiv, a corporation whose commercial and industrial facilities work, among other fields, in medicine, which makes them experts in making power supply systems for respirators. Why an emphasis on them? Find out soon, at the Games!




Mathematics arena


Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) is one of the top banks in Croatia, as well as a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, a leading bank group in Europe. Over the years it has been the leader in applying new technologies and continuously developing new, innovative products and services for citizens and companies. It’s well-known that mathematicians work well with numbers and a position in a bank nowadays means dynamic work with many challenges and  a wide range of possibilities in various segments of business. This year PBZ supports all those who find themselves in the Mathematics arena.




How our mentors have adapted to the pandemics, which challenges they have encountered and what new solutions they have found will become clear in our competition tasks. Thus, hurry up and apply for STEM Games Safe Mode while there’s still time! The most successful teams will have the opportunity to meet industry mentors!