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STEM Games Safe Mode

Owing to the epidemic restrictions, in lieu of this year's STEM Games, this year's competition will take place online. The contestants will be putting their skills to the test by tackling various challenging problems from different STEM fields of expertise, working as multidisciplinary teams with four to five participants per team.

The teams will be collecting points for each of the problems solved, which they will be able to exchange for prizes, courtesy of our industry partners. In the tradition of STEM Games, the challenges presented will be following a highly relevant main theme which is to be published shortly.

The competition will take place May 6-8. Every day, you will be presented with a new set of problems which you will be free to solve anytime throughout the day. The scoring system will award the first team to solve the problem, so the early birds will take the worm.

The only restriction that applies is that the participant be a student of an undergraduate or graduate study programme. All the challenges presented will be in English entirely, so international participants are more than welcome.

We highly encourage applicants to find a team that covers a broad range of subjects, ranging from life sciences over technology (computer science, programming) and electrical engineering to mathematics. If you're unable to put together such a team, you can still participate, but it is very likely that you will be limited to a smaller set of problems that you'll be able to solve successfully.

For applications without a team, see below.

Each of the team members has to fill out the form linked below where they'll find a designated field
for a team name, which will allow us to put their team together.

We encourage thoughtful and unique team names to avoid ambiguous situations.

We also accept individual applications. Those who apply individually will form teams among themselves with a bit of help on our side shortly before the competition.

This year, there won't be any selection procedure. The number of participants is capped at 200 - should we reach that number, we will close the application form earlier. Because of this, we urge you to apply as soon as possible.

Applications for STEM Games Safe Mode 2021 are closed!

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