Competition in problem-solving exercises


Choose your arena, build a team, tackle the challenges, meet the industry!

We all know that the real world is not what you see during studies. But we also know that the knowledge you obtain at university enables you to tackle any given challenge from various perspectives.
STEM Games problem-solving competition is a unique platform where the students are encouraged to form multidisciplinary teams and compete in solving real world challenges by applying scientific methods. 

The competition takes place in four arenas representing each of the four STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), but every team can choose to take part in only one of the arenas. In contrast to other student competitions where students take exams testing curricular knowledge, the challenges posed here are more practical and creative in nature. They are designed by a team of mentors, young experts coming from academia and industry, in a way to give students the possibility to explore and tackle real problems.

Concept of the Problem Solving Arenas

The competition is held over the course of four days. On Day 1 and Day 2 you will face challenges designed to push the limits of your knowledge, introduce new concepts and enable you to learn new skills. The challenges you will face on Day 3 and Day 4 are different… there is no right… and there is no wrong, only which team can do better.
At the end of Day 2, you will be offered several problems, each having a unique set of metrics used to evaluate your approach - every team gets to pick only one. You can use all of the skills learned from the previous two days, or take a completely unique approach - it is up to you. By the end of Day 3, you are handing in an overview of your concepts, results, visualizations and projected impact. All the submissions are evaluated and only the best teams get the unique opportunity to present their results and solutions to the jury on Day 4

This sounds like A LOT! And you are right, it is. But we have three principles in the arena:

  1. No man can do it on his own.
  2. Multidisciplinarity takes you further.
  3. The mentors are your allies - make sure you make the most of them.

First of all - be a team player and remember that every member has a unique advantage - value it. Further, build your teams in a multidisciplinary way - formed by members covering different areas of expertise and various faculties. It will give you a stronger background to tackle the challenges from different points of view and overcome hurdles. Finally, mentors are there for you during every step of the competition. They are the ones who can give you clues, ask critical questions which you might have overlooked or pose as the right person to bounce your ideas off.

A special bonus
are the industry mentors which will hang around during Day 3 and Day 4. They are there to provide you with expert knowledge coming directly from the experience of tackling challenges alike. Not only will you be able to learn from them, you will also get a unique peek into their world and mindset and learn what it means to work in that industry?

STEM Games Arenas

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Science Arena

Science Arena is aimed at students studying in the fields of Natural and Biotechnical Sciences and the corresponding fields and branches.

20190427 – STEM Games logo – Arena T – bijeli tekst

Technology Arena

Technology Arena is aimed at students studying in the field of Technical Sciences and the corresponding fields and branches of digital and computer technologies.

20190427 – STEM Games logo – Arena E – bijeli tekst

Engineering Arena

Engineering Arena is aimed at students studying in the field of Technical Sciences and the corresponding fields and branches of electrical and mechanical engineering.

20190427 – STEM Games logo – Arena M – bijeli tekst

Mathematics Arena

Mathematics Arena is aimed at students studying in the field of Natural Sciences and the corresponding fields and branches.

Student Testimonials

I like that we apply knowledge, instead of just studying and taking exams.

It was fantastic that we were offered so many facilities unrelated to competition itself, all organized in such a way that I could make it to anything I wanted. Bravo!

Superb organization, for all praise. Great accommodation and top quality food.

All of the organization was on a respectable level and nothing much should be changed.

Everything was absolutely awesome. Especially since it was your first time and you exceeded all expectations!

The location and accommodation were outstanding, honest congrats for the organization, everything was good.

Despite much rivalry between institutions, at the end of the day we're still a large young community united by the common goal of getting a degree.

Concerts, variety of institutions, entertainment, socializing, experience.

Kudos for the idea of our own resort, it was as if we were in a large commune. Very good organization, especially for a debut. I want to congratulate all the colleagues that invested months in this project on a job done extremely well.



In the pre-application process, a participant can choose up to two Arenas to compete in; however, a participant can compete only in one Arena. Arenas are to be chosen by the competition priority.

Selection carried out at faculties

Upon the pre-application process, faculties will carry out their internal selections and send a list of selected participants to STEM Games organizers.

Team formation

Upon participants' selection, teams are to be formed. Teams are interdisciplinary which means that teams can be formed of students studying at different higher education institutions.

Frequently asked questions

Yes! In order to compete in any of the Arenas, you need your own laptop. You will be provided with a power supply and a internet connection.

No. Teams will be formed in the month prior to the competition so you will have an opportunity to speak to colleagues who you want to be in a team with.

Yes. If your higher education institution selects you as competitors, you can apply as a team during the application process. During the team formation process, you will have an opportunity to communicate with other candidates and apply as a team.

Upon the pre-application process, you will be provided with all relevant information via e-mail.

No, it is not possible for an individual to participate in problem-solving exercises and sporting competitions because they will take place simultaneously.

Science Arena: 3-4 members

Technology Arena: 3-4 members

Engineering Arena: 3-5 members

Mathematics Arena: 3-4 members

You can. When filling out your application you can select up to two Arenas of interest. It will then be up to the representatives of your institution to decide where they have room for you.

Unfortunately, you can’t. The competitions take place at the same time, so participation in Arenas is mutually exclusive.

You can find a list of competencies expected for each of the Arenas on their respective pages on this site.