Who are the partners of this year’s STEM Games?


After we’ve revealed our this year’s general sponsor, Croatia Osiguranje, who helped us come up with our main theme Dare to adapt, as well as our mentors - OIKON - Institute for Applied Ecology, Infinum, Infobip, Vertiv, and Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ); who added some more strength to our Problem-Solving Team by creating competition tasks inspired by current challenges caused by the pandemics, we’re proud to present to you our partners and material sponsors. They all help us adapt in the Safe Mode, in order to reach new ideas and solutions by uniting our strengths.


croatia i mentorski


Our partners this year are Ru-Ve, Kefo, BonsAI, Hs Tec, and Croatian Railways (HŽ).

For years, Ru-Ve has been a certified distributor of the most renowned manufacturers of laboratory material and equipment, laboratory accessories, chemicals, furniture, process equipment and technology for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Europe. Ru-Ve also provides certified servicing of the laboratory equipment.




Kefo is one of the region’s leading distributors of laboratory chemicals, reference materials, and other equipment. In 2005 the company became co-owner of the LLG - Laboratory Logistics Group, Europe’s second largest company for selling laboratory consumables and equipment.




BonsAI finds and applies new technological inventions in the artificial intelligence (AI) field. That way, they enable their clients to achieve in-house efficiency and gain competitive advantage in the industry. The fields they perfect themselves in are advanced and predictive analytics, robotic automation of processes and chatbots - all this in order to create a world with zero boring jobs.




HSTec is an innovative company for development and manufacturing with years of experience in the field of high-speed motorised spindles, industrial automation, and robotics. The concept of product development is based on the principles of open innovation and prototypical special manufacturing. Extreme importance is given to constant improvement and adoption of new technologies, as well as collaboration with scientific and research institutions. 

Our flexible team of experts in mechanical and electrical engineering continuously generates development of new products and offers creative solutions in the field of industrial automation.




Croatian Railways (HŽ) provides services of public railway transport and has adapted its offer to all passenger categories. Both full- and part-time students are offered affordable domestic as well as international travels. In collaboration with certain counties, cities, and towns, full-time students can travel completely charge-free from/to the city where they’re studying.




This year’s material sponsors of the Games - GLS, Pauza.hr, Carlserg -  made sure that the goodie bags are full, that they are delivered to you as a refreshment and energy boost after some heavy problem solving.


sponzori zadnji red


GLS is here to enable fast and safe delivery of prizes, Pauza.hr will make it easier to get your favourite food, and Carlsberg will help you refresh after the solved problems.

 We are sure that you are excited to see what’s inside your goodie bags!


We thank once again to all our sponsors and partners for their support and interest and we’re looking forward to continue our collaboration at the Games!