Safe Mode powered by Croatia Osiguranje

202104015 STEM Games generalni sponzor naslovna

For four years, there is a special bond between STEM Games and Croatia Osiguranje, a bond that unites us in organising the largest competition in the region for STEM related students; and putting together science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Croatia Osiguranje, an insurance company with great digital ambitions and always up to date with the latest innovations, has taken a step this year as the general sponsor of our online edition, STEM Games Safe Mode.

Following the latest trends, we’ve had to adapt our collaboration to the avalanche of changes generated by the pandemic and transfer our collaboration online. This year we’ll be hanging out virtually, but the challenges and the prizes remain just as grand as in the previous years.

In what way do the Games - students competition in problem-solving - and Croatia Osiguranje’s mission and vision complete one another? Croatia Osiguranje strives to put together passionate developers, engineers, business analysts, and other STEM experts into a team that will be an asset to meeting challenges of innovation and technological upgrading in the insurance industry. And there’s no better place to find them than at the Games!


20210415 STEM Games_generalni sponzor_fotka


The main goal of the competition is to see how students handle real industry problems and to prep them for their future work tasks. STEM Games participants will face problems which can be solved by uniting their strengths within multidisciplinary teams. Excellent results from the last years’ collaboration with Croatia Osiguranje indicate our mutual support in caring for the future.

In these turbulent times, join the challenge called STEM Games Safe Mode Powered by Croatia osiguranje, it will insure that the future is as safe as can be!