Engineering Arena


Can we build a better and more efficient car? What will be the challenges of transport? Will we be prepared for every terrain and task ahead of us? Teams in the Engineering Arena will have to innovate transport in challenging conditions.

In the Engineering Arena, students will deal with a project assignment containing real problems in the fields of mechanical engineering, naval architecture, energetics and electrical engineering and their task will be to solve the exercise in the most efficient, realistic and a budget-friendly way.


Project assignment

The project assignment consists of three related stages. The competition will be organized in three days each of which represents one competition stage. Teams will be given an assignment in the morning, deal with it during the day and present their solutions to supervisors in the afternoon. Team solutions are graded and ranked each day. The best teams will qualify for and compete in the finals in the fourth day of the competition when they will present their solutions to a panel of judges who will announce the winner of the Engineering Arena.

Who might compete in the Arena?

Full time students studying in the field of Technical Sciences and the related subfields of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Robotics, Naval Architecture and Aerospace Engineering (recommended but not limited to) can compete in the Engineering Arena.



Application of fundamental knowledge in applied physics and automation

Application of fundamental knowledge in electrical engineering

Application of fundamental knowledge in embedded systems programming

Fundamental knowledge in technical drawing

Fundamental knowledge in computer modelling, simulations and dynamic system analysis

Fundamental knowledge in materials and technology of system components building

Fundamental knowledge in dimensioning electronic components and devices

Fundamental knowledge in drives

Industry solutions

Team work

Problem analysis

Presentation skills

Download Engineering Arena project assingments

Mentoring team

Engineering Ante Orešković

Ante Orešković

Mentor Team Lead, FER
Engineering Ivan Pavić

Ivan Pavić

Mentor Team Member, FER
Engineering Marko Švec

Marko Švec

Mentor Team Member, FER
Engineering Filip Šklebar

Filip Šklebar

Mentor Team Member, FER
Engineering Petra Križan

Petra Križan

Mentor Team Member, AVL-AST
Engineering Hrvoje Gazibara

Hrvoje Gazibara

Mentor Team Member, AVL-AST

Jury members

Engineering Hrvoje Abraham

Hrvoje Abraham

Jury Member, AVL-AST

Upon graduating in Engineering Physics from the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, he continued his professional career at Ruđer Bošković Institute where he conducted research and published several papers on fluid dynamics at a black hole spacetime and computational physics. He worked on long-term planning of financial asset management in Raiffeisenbank Croatia. Upon setting up a start-up company in 2010 (a tool for efficient calculation of a potential and electrostatic field configuration was designed in the company), in 2014, he joined AVL-AST d.o.o. where he works as a skill team leader.

Engineering Zoran Lulić

Zoran Lulić

Jury Member, FSB

Zoran Lulić was born in 1966 and graduated in 1991 from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture where he has been employed at the Department of Engines and Vehicles since 1992. His research interests include alternative fuels with a special emphasis on turnip oil methyl ester - biodiesel, construction of an internal combustion engine, research and process modelling of internal combustion engines, energy efficiency, engine and vehicle emissions and their interaction with the environment, construction of engines and engine and vehicle standardization. He is an author or a co-author of more than 15 papers in respected international journals, 40 conference presentations and a supervisor of more than 130 final papers and Master theses as well as 3 doctoral dissertations.

Engineering Marijo Volarević

Marijo Volarević

Jury Member, Croatia osiguranje

Marijo Volarević is a CEO of the Department of Digital Strategy and Development at Croatia osiguranje d.d. He obtained a Master degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb where he worked as a research assistant. He also completed a university study program in Business Management. He pursued an international business career in several industries (pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, IT, finances) thus spreading the information technology in business digitalization.

Engineering Tamara_Hadjina

Tamara Hadjina

Jury Member, ICENT

Tamara Hadjina obtained her Master and Doctoral degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. She worked as a research assistant and a postdoctoral research fellow at the aforementioned Faculty from 2008 until 2017. She taught Automatic Control, Linear Control Systems Design and Estimation Theory. She worked on advanced controlling and estimation techniques to be applied in renewable energy sources. She was a member of the Laboratory for Systems of Renewable Energy Sources. Since March 2018, she has been working in Nikola Tesla Innovation Center on the position of a leader of the project entitled “Development of predictive control systems and autonomous energy trading in buildings” financed by the structural EU funds.