STEM Games: Life as We Know It


Stop whatever you're doing because the time has come to reveal the main theme of this year's STEM Games.

It's well known that the Games aren't just another student competition. Their uniqueness owes to the fact that they face the competitors with real problems concerning the modern and the future world while encouraging them to demonstrate application of the knowledge they acquired, their aspiration for progress and the obligatory team spirits!

The main theme of the Games aims to bring one of many such problems to your attention and challenge you to contribute to its solution by presenting your visions in one of the four STEM Games Arenas. This year's assignments will concern the sustainability of our life on this planet and relate to the following main theme:

Life as We Know It

According to Neil Degrasse Tyson's Cosmic Calendar, every human we have ever heard of lived in the last 14 seconds of the Cosmic year. In those 14 seconds we managed to alter the paths of nature and interfere into everything in the style of “Dennis the Menace”. Species are going extinct, while we are looking to move ourselves to a new planet, Antarctic ice is melting while we claim it is not going to affect us, planet’s magnetic field is going crazy, and we don’t even know why, but we have come up with a great idea to recreate dinosaurs out of chickens.

It is time to optimize our actions and make some New Cosmic Year decisions! Making sure the Earth stays habitable for all the living beings in the future, while we continue the amazing search for the next ‘Oumuamua passing through our neighborhood. We are looking for both answers and questions, establishing new fields of research, paving our path to new breakthroughs, successfully utilizing the power of quantum computing or defining the dark energy.

How can we live in the moment while looking into the future? Challenge yourself and find the answer at this year’s STEM Games!