Which institutions will be competing in this year’s Games?


What are some of the benefits to student competitions? First and foremost, we
highlight teamwork and the development of soft skills, which involve problem-
solving, adaptability and communication. These skills are often left out from job
descriptions but are usually more than necessary in a workplace environment.
Competitions offer students the ability to discover their strengths and work on their
weaknesses, all the while being surrounded by their peers, who are equally as
motivated and diligent.

Interdisciplinarity and cooperation between institutions lay at the core of the
Games, and every year we are met by students involved in different fields of study
all around Croatia, as well as some abroad - these institutions encourage student collaboration and help foster a competitive spirit. This is why we are excited to
announce that the number of institutions participating in this year's Games has

This year, the University of Zagreb will be sending an impressive 8 colleges: FER,
FSB, FOI, PMF, GEOF, TVZ, HVU and FPZ. Students from UNIN in Varaždin will
also be participating, and we will also be joined by our University of Osijek
colleagues from FERIT, MATHOS and SFSB, FESB, PMF, SOSS and SOSM will be
sending us students from Split, RITEH and UNIRI from Rijeka, and UNIPU from
Pula. Students from abroad will also be participating, namely those from the
University of Mostar, also known as SUM, as well as from Sarajevo's ETF.

We look forward to seeing all of you in Umag!