5 reasons to compete in problem solving at the Games


You’re still in doubt about whether you should apply for the problem-solving competition at the Games? The applications are just about to end and there isn’t much time left to hesitate. We hope these reasons will convince you.

Creative problems

You’ve had enough of the dry theory they make you study and you’re looking to vent and unleash your creativity? If your answer is yes, this might be your lucky day. The Games are a place where you can take “cramming” out of your vocabulary and unleash your inner STEM spirit by tackling creative, modern problems that give you the chance to show off your various skills.

Dream team

We know as well as you do that there’s a great STEM potential lying inside of you, waiting to conquer the world. But why limit yourself to the world when you can conquer the whole galaxy if you join forces with a few other great minds?

Learn from the greatest

The Games will not only give you a chance to work with the best, but to learn from the best as well. The mentors that are going to guide you through your assignments are the top experts in their field, full of knowledge and experience that they’re anxiously waiting to share with you and your team.

Combine business with pleasure

Among those coming to support the games are various employers that are eager to meet young STEM spirits just like you. Our partner companies are, just like the Games, oriented towards new technologies, innovation and progress. We’re sure that you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to connect with them!

Relaxed is the new stressful

If you’re thinking of a competition without time pressure and stress where you have the liberty of organizing most of your time as it suits you, you’re thinking of the Games. If you add on to that a competitive, but relaxed atmosphere, you get our problem-solving competition.

Who wouldn't want to spend five days in Poreč combining business with pleasure! Don't miss your chance, hurry up and fill out your application!