STEM Games 2023: Innovating Security Through STEM

Generalna tema 2023

The moment that we have all been anticipating is finally here – the general theme of the 2023 STEM Games, the singular concept that unifies the entire competition, bringing together all four STEM arenas and defines the core issues that competitors will be dealing with.


As Jane Addams put it, the good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain until it is secured for all of us and incorporated into our common life. Such is the way with online data and securing our personal data from unwanted intruders. Using mathematical algorithms in cryptography we can keep our data safe. We will explore the depths of cryptography and its underlying nuances.

As more and more devices become connected to the internet, security risks increase exponentially. In order to ensure the safety and privacy of users' data, it is essential to implement effective security measures for IoT devices. Additionally, user education and awareness are critical in preventing cyberattacks and protecting sensitive information.

By safeguarding devices and data, we can ensure the continued growth and innovation of the Internet of Things while maintaining the security and privacy of its users.

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized and undergoing a steady, unrelenting digital transformation, both in our personal and private lives, security has become a necessity. Vehicles are becoming automatized, banking has embraced digitalization and professional productivity is experiencing an ever-growing shift to online work. We are reliant on technology, and this reliance will only grow as technology progresses, meaning that safeguarding data has become one of the primary concerns of our time.

This year, competitors will be faced with real-world problems pertaining to security, web security, energetic security, and automation security. These issues will be tackled through assignments developed by industry professionals, corresponding to one of the four STEM fields. Participants will be able to showcase their ability to apply STEM principles and methodologies to complex security-related problems, all the while working in interdisciplinary teams.

Are you ready to get hands-on experience in one of the most rapidly growing industries in today’s day and age?

We look forward to seeing you in Umag!