Weekend at the Games


We all know the feeling you get when you miss some extra important big chance because you were a minute late for the deadline. We also know that, while there's a lot of adrenaline in doing things the last minute, there's also a great deal of disappointment in realizing you missed your chance because you failed to do them in time.

We are well aware that most students can relate to this, so for all of you who like to live on the edge and do things at the eleventh hour, we have prepared a weekend package. That way, you can still come to the games from May 10 to 12!           

This might have left you in despair and thinking "but that's only three days". In that case, hold on for a second and let us top up your glass half empty with all the good stuff that the weekend package includes:

  • two nights – in other words, two chances to recharge your batteries that the Great Midterm Depression of April has surely drained
  • full board one day and half board the other – you can forget about the cafeteria for two days because, in Poreč, you'll be dining as if you were royalty
  • access to the drone race and finals in sports, problem-solving and eSports - a chance to relive the 2018 World Cup euphoria
  • participation in some of our extra activities – after the Games, you'll be able to cross off most of the things on your student bucket list
  • two concerts – in combination with loud cheering at sports games, those will make sure you come home with the hoarse voice everyone gets off on

If your glass is still half empty, we suggest you call some friends up to join you on a road trip and see for yourself that it pays to be optimistic.

The applications for the weekend package are open until May 4 to anyone. This time, we don't care if you're a shy engineer, an eloquent lawyer or even if you are student at all. Just keep in mind that the number of places is limited.

You can find out more info on the best party weekend ever, as well as the application form here.