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Various tasks are going to be at different levels of complexity which allows participants a chance to contribute to the team’s success whether they’re facing this type of competition for the first time or if they’re more experienced than that. Teams will win points depending on the success of their solution at individual tasks. The first two days of the competition are focused on solving the algorithm tasks, while the third day is booked for the Main Task. The Main Task’s theme is inspired by the real problems that the Arena’s sponsors are facing every day.


In the Technology Arena, regular computing sciences, mathematics, informatics, and digital sciences students can participate in this type of competition, as well as the other regular students from similar fields.



The progress of digital and informatics technologies has never stopped growing in the last couple of years. We are coming up with new discoveries and knowledge every day that could ease our life with digitalization. This knowledge can also benefit us as a tool for efficient management of everything around us: nature and the environment. This year at the Technology Arena, we’re searching for ways to reduce the impact on natural resources by applying various algorithms and efficient models of machine learning.

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Algorithms and data structures

Graph theory, discrete mathematics, number theory, linear algebra

Data science

Machine learning

Creative thinking


Presentation skills

Problem analysis

*Teams can choose which programming language they will use; however, they have to take the execution speed into consideration.



Benjamin Nadarević

X.FER Technology arena

Ema Smolić

Tehnološka arena

Ema Smolić is a junior researcher and PhD student at FER whose research field is centeredaround the application of adaptive systems in education. At the moment she is working on a FER project based on natural language processing and data science, which are her top interests. Her duties also include a teaching assistantship for several courses, a job she performs enthusiastically.


Hrvoje Gledec

Erste&Steiermärkische Bank Technology Arena

I lead the client security team at Erste Bank with ten years of experience in protecting our digital clients. I specialize in digital security and have developed tisk management expertise in this rapidly growing field. For nearly the past three years, I have been leading a team that actively manages digital security
risks. Our primary mission is to protect clients from fraud and unauthorized access, providing them with a safe and worry-free digital platform banking experience.

Technology_Ivana_Lucin (1)

Ivana Lučin

Tehnološka arena

Ivana Lučin is a postdoc. at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka. In addition to beingemployed at the Department of Fluid Mechanics and Computational Engineering, she also works as a teaching assistant at the undergraduate and graduate studies of Mechanical Engineering and Computing. The main area of her scientific work is the application of optimization methods and machine learning methods to various problems in the field of fluid dynamics.


Krunoslav Tomičić

X.FER Technology arena

Marko Sejdić

Tehnološka arena

Mislav Matijević

Tehnološka arena

Mislav Matijević, Technology Arena, University of Zagreb. Mislav Matijević completed his undergraduate studies in Information and Business Systems and graduate studies in Information and Software Engineering at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. Programming is his greatest passion, and he is motivated by discovering and connecting different technologies. He iscurrently employed at FOI where he carries out exercises in several programming courses, including Software Engineering.

Technology_Milan_Vrankić (1)

Milan Vrankić

X.FER Technology arena

I am a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, majoring in Computer Science. My areas of interest range from embedded computers and computer security to quantum computers, nuclear engineering, and various other fields of physics. I am an active member of the student association X.FER. At X.FER, we organize hackathons, competitions, college courses and lectures on various topics in the field of mathematics.

I often compete in different hackathons and CTF competitions. In addition to competing, I organize the course "Cybernetic Security" at FER and am engaged in research on the topic of optimization algorithms on quantum computers.

But life isn't just college, I also like to hike and cook.


Toni Kukec

X.FER Technology arena

Tomislav Uvodić

Erste&Steiermärkische Bank Technology Arena

Tomislav Uvodić is a security architect with over 15 years of professional experience in IT (development & operations). Nowadays he primarily focuses on DevSecOps, Application Security, and Red Team areas of security. In his free time, he enjoys sports and traveling.