Participate - Students

Start – Participation of institutions

You want to go to the Games, but can’t find your institution on the list of those participating so you wonder whether you can apply? Why should the institution you attend even matter?We coordinate with the representatives from your institution in order to make sure your transportation is taken care of, as well as that you don’t have to worry about your studies during the competition itself. For this reason, it’s important that your institution applies in advance.In case you attend a STEM higher education institution that isn’t on the list, find the people responsible for competition arrangements at your institution, explain to them what the Games are and point them to the Institution participation page.If there’s no interest at your institution or if you missed the application deadline, you can always come to the Games by applying for the weekend arrangement (more on that soon).

Pre-applications April 4th

Your faculty participates in the Games and you are contemplating whether you should represent it there? If you have sportsmanship in you and want to take part in this type of competition, you can pick and compete in one of the nine possible sports. You can apply for the eSport competition if you prefer it better. If you are interested in the problem-solving competition, you can find yourself in one of our Arenas which you can get to know better here. The pre-applications are open at:


If you are more into cheerleading, check out this possibility with representatives of your faculty.

Selection April 24 – May 1

When we receive your application, we will forward it to your institution’s student representatives. Depending on the number of applications they get, student representatives will organize some sort of a selection procedure and notify you about it in time. For any questions, feel free to contact your student representatives.

Draws and team formation

The selection procedure is done and you have qualified to participate in the Games. In this step, a different procedure awaits you depending on the part of the competition you applied for.


  • organizing committee will invite the problem-solving competitors to Slack, where they will be able to form teams with other competitors of the same Arena (independently of the institution they attend)


  • a draw will be held for each of the sports to determine groups and schedules
  • you’ll be communicating with eSport team leaders. If you are a gamer and know every little detail about at least one of the planned games, apply and compete at FIFA22, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and League of Legends.


Your journey to the Games is almost over!Your student representatives will inform you about when and where from you depart, and only then will the real thing start!